Modeling and Simulation of Nonholonomic Lagrangian Dynamic Systems

J.P. Frye and B.C. Fabien (USA)


Lagrangian dynamics, nonholonomic, differential algebraic equations, modeling and simulation.


This paper describes systematic modeling and formulation of Lagrangian dynamic systems with nonholonomic con straints and a methodology for constructing the equations of motion in way that lends itself to successful computa tion. In particular, the coordinate-split (CS) technique is used to eliminate the Lagrange multipliers from the system and reduce the differentiation index of the DAEs. The results of using the CS technique are compared to the results of using the standard Lagrangian formulation. The numerical computation results show that using the CS technique becomes very effective when applying BDF methods and at least comparable when applying implicit Runge-Kutta methods. Furthermore, applying the CS technique seems more likely to succeed in obtaining numerical solutions when computation using the standard Lagrangian formulation fails.

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