FACETOUCH: An Innovative Way to Feel Sensation of Avatar Emotional Expression through Sense of Touch and Facial Appearance

A.H. Basori, A. Bade, Md.S. Sunar, D. Daman, and N. Saari (Malaysia)


Avatar, emotion, facial expression, colour


Current and existing avatars are only able to express their emotional expressions only by using facial animation, gesture and voice. Yet, only few researchers successfully combined haptic tactile with human emotion expression. In this paper, we present an avatar in a creative way that can gain user attention while they play game and use computer. Our proposed technique is achieved through combination of visual sense and systematic mapping of sense of touch. The mapping procedure is developed by systemically map the emotion layer into color spectrum based on the standard color emotion theories. To prove our solution, we benchmark our proposed technique prototype with existing system like Alfred. From the conducted experiment, we found that 57% respondents feel strong expression of virtual head emotion expression when dedicated haptic device stimulates their sensory nerve. Using our design solution, we can see that psychological signal can be adapted with vibration characteristic.

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