Residential Retrofits and Natural Gas and Electricity Savings: Evaluating Program Impacts using a Market Model

K.H. Tiedemann (Canada)


Electricity, natural gas, furnace motor, furnace, energy efficiency.


Increased concern with energy efficiency and global warming has encouraged Canadian utilities to develop programs to reduce energy consumption. Since space heating uses more than one-half of purchased energy in a typical Canadian dwelling, considerable attention has been about placed upon improving space heating efficiency. This paper provides a comprehensive analysis of two major space heating upgrade programs operated by BC Hydro (efficient furnace fan program) and Terasen Gas (efficient furnace program) respectively. Specifically, this paper: (1) examines the determinants of space heating system choice, (2) reviews customer and trade ally satisfaction with the two programs, (3) examines the effectiveness of incentives, (4) analyzes the level of energy savings, and (5) undertakes an incremental cost and pay-back analysis of the efficient technologies.

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