Optimization of the Swing Rate of Steam Generation Units using Genetic Algorithm

M. Elshafei, M.A. Habib, I. Al-Zaharnah, S. Al-Anizi, M.Y. Al-Awwad, and M. Hajji (Saudi Arabia)


Optimization, Genetic Algorithm, Steam quality, Three element control, Drum Boiler, co-generation.


In many situations boilers are required to quickly respond to sudden and large steam load changes. However, fast firing rate causes transient changes in both the drum boiler steam pressure and drum level, in addition to the potential of developing of thermal stresses in the walls of steam risers. A genetic algorithm based optimization scheme is presented for maximizing the ability of the boiler to respond to large steam demand while keeping the fluctuations in pressure, steam quality, drum level, and feed rate within acceptable limits. A nonlinear model for an actual boiler is first built and used to demonstrate the performance of the boiler before and after optimization.

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