A Self-Tuning Digital-Driver for Open-Loop Control of Stepping-Motors

T. Okada and N. Hori (Japan)


Stepping motor, digital driver, self-tuning control, dead zone compensation.


An experimental digital driver, which contains both fixed and adjustable gains, is designed with particular reference to a current regulation problem for a stepping-motor, which undergoes rapid and large changes in its gains. Using only signals that are readily available in the driver and needing neither the angular position of the shaft nor its rate, an open-loop nature of a stepping motor can be preserved. From extensive experiments, it was found that stable and safe operations were achieved using a combination of fixed controller blocks and pre compensator blocks with self-tuning parameters, which change as the speed of rotation varies. For this method to work, it is important to include a dead-zone compensator and a nonlinear digital filter, in addition to analog, an anti-aliasing filter.

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