Multivariable Optimal Control of a Heat Exchanger Network (HEN) with Bypasses

F. Delatore, J.J. Cruz, F. Leonardi, and L.F. Novazzi (Brazil)


Heat Exchanger Network, Optimal Control Design, State Space, Dynamic Decoupling System, PID Control.


A countless of different multivariable control techniques, ranging from the simplest decentralized PID control to the most sophisticated model predictive controls, are presented in several literatures and applied to chemical plants. This work intends to present a new study developed using a control solution based on optimal control, now applied on a heat exchanger network (HEN) with bypasses. The HEN is frequently used in chemical processes to promote energy integration, reducing the utility consumption as its main objective. The optimal control was developed successfully to the network and its dynamic performance was compared with the dynamic decoupling system, using PID controllers to implement the closed loop control. The results of the simulations have demonstrated that the proposed optimal control leaded to a reasonable control performance, i.e., process variables became almost totally decoupled, no offset was observed and the output responses presented a small time constant.

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