Image based Visual Servoing of a Remote Sensing Satellite

S. Blažič, G. Mušič, D. Matko, G. Klančar, T. Rodič, and K. Oštir (Slovenia)


Satellite and Attitude Control, Satellite Kinematic and Dy namic Model, Vehicles and Transportation Systems, Virtual Reality in Control.


The paper deals with the image-based control of a remote sensing satellite. The position of the satellite is obtained by the Simplified General Perturbations model and its orienta tion by simulating its dynamic and kinematic models. For known position and orientation of the satellite the images are obtained using Google Earth. The orientation of the satellite is governed by reaction wheels which produce the required moments to the satellite. The image based control law using SIFT image features is applied to achieve auto matic reference point observation on the Earth surface. The results are about the same as with classical control with pre supposed knowledge of the exact orientation of the satel lite, however with the proposed solution the used sensor (camera) is already on board, so cheap orientation sensors for simple stabilization can be used

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