Remote Control of Reconfigurable Robotic System based on Server Client Architecture

D. Zhang (Canada, PR China), B. Li, J. Yang (PR China), and Z. Song (Canada)


Reconfigurable robot, remote manipulate, Java 3D


Serial manipulators, which have a large workspace with respect to their own volume and occupied floor space, are the most common industrial robots. However, in many environments, the work space is unstructured and unpredictable. It is difficult to design a single robotic system that can meet all the requirements for every task, therefore it is important to deploy a modular reconfigurable robotic system, which can be well suited to these conditions. Furthermore, with the remote control ability, the robotic system can do many things instead of human beings, such as working in high risk environments with radiation, research under the deep sea or explore the areas inaccessible to human beings.

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