Adaptive Robust State Estimation for Time Delay Systems with Multiple Nonlinear Delayed Perturbations

M.N. Alpaslan Parlakçı (Turkey)


State estimation, adaptive observer, time delay, uncertainty, nonlinear delayed perturbations


This paper investigates the problem of adaptive robust state estimation for a class of linear uncertain multiple time delay systems with nonlinear delayed perturbations. The nonlinear delayed perturbations are assumed to be linear functions of some parameters whose upper bounds are unknown. Based on a robust adaptation scheme, design of a state observer is introduced such that it does not require any apriori information on the size of time delays and upper bounds of uncertainties and nonlinearities. Utilizing the Lyapunov stability method, the globally asymptotically convergence of state estimates to the actual states is ensured when the system is subject to significantly unknown nonlinear parameter perturbations and uncertain time delays. Finally, a numerical example is considered to demonstrate the application of the proposed adaptive observer.

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