An Improvement on Fuzzy H-Tracking Control Design for Nonlinear Time-Delay Systems

S.H. Esfahani and A.Kh. Sichani (Iran)


T-S fuzzy systems, time-delay systems, tracking.


This paper is concerned with the problem of output feedback fuzzy H tracking control design for nonlinear systems with time-delay by using T-S fuzzy modeling scheme. Our approach differs from the existing approaches in the way that the controller structure is defined. In our approach, there is no need to implement a double step numerical procedure to find the suitable controller among the limited solution set. Therefore, our approach leads to less conservative and straightforward form of linear matrix inequalities (LMIs) with no further limitations in the process of finding their solution. It is also possible to easily find the optimal controller among the whole possible solution set, not just a subclass of solutions. The optimal controller leads to the least value of H tracking error norm for nonlinear time-delay system.

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