Real-Time Quantum Measurement-Feedback Control: A Non-Smooth Time Delay Control Approach

T.-L. Vu, S.S. Ge, and T.H. Lee (Singapore)


Quantum feedback control, stochastic stability.


This paper solves the problem of real-time measurement feedback control for quantum systems, in which the time to compute the filter-based control input is taken into ac count by considering the input delay. It starts with a new Lyapunov-LaSalle-like theorem for delay-dependent stochastic stability of a class of time delay stochastic non linear systems. Non-smooth time delay control is then con structed to compensate for the control-computation time, that is known but arbitrarily long, while globally stabilize the quantum filters almost surely. The non-smooth prop erty enables the proposed control to deal with the symmet ric topology of filter state space. The effectiveness of non smooth time delay control is illustrated through the control design for the Spin−1/2 systems. Simulation results are presented and discussed.

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