Control of Electric Vehicles using Two In-Wheel Motors

F.-K. Wu and T.J. Yeh (Taiwan)


Electric steering system, regenerative braking


With global warming and promotion of green energy, elec tric cars are being considered as one of the most favor able options for personal transportation. In this research, an electric vehicle actuated by two in-wheel motors is de veloped in house. In this vehicle, by properly coordinat ing the traction torques generated by the two motors, both drive-by-wire and electrical power steering can be simulta neously achieved. The interaction among the driver, the steering mechanism, motor torques, and the vehicle dy namics plays a crucial role in devising the control sys tem particularly for the power steering part and there are two control-related problems needed to be addressed in this case. Firstly, in order to continuously control the traction torques, the motors should be switched smoothly between different modes of operation. Secondly, when either one of the motor currents saturates, a compensation action is needed to properly re-distribute the traction command so that consistent steering performance can be achieved. The control system which solves these two problems is imple mented on the prototype vehicle and the performance as sociated with driving and steering is experimentally vali dated.

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