Performance Comparison of Traffic Light Control System using GAL and FPGA

I. Asad, Md.T. Sobhan, K.M.S. Morshed, Md. Asaduzzaman, and A.M. Azad (Bangladesh)




PLD and CPLD have been extensively used for custom made circuits. That is why they are perfect for designing traffic light control systems. This paper represents the performance comparison of a traffic light control system designed on GAL (Generic Array Logic) using Programmable Logic Device (PLD) and on FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) using Complex Programmable Logic Device (CPLD). For our PLD implementation, we have considered GAL chips, which can be reprogrammed and erased. For the CPLD implementation, we have considered FPGA which is a 144 pin SRAM. The traffic light controller (TLC) consists of traffic signals (Red, Yellow/Amber & Green).The traffic controller was designed using both CPLD and PLD. Then we have taken the Real-Time waveform for performance analysis. To generate the Real-Time wave from the traffic controllers, we used Digital Storage Oscilloscope (DSO). The results from the Real-Time waveform clearly illustrates that CPLD has the better performance over the PLD technology.

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