Fault Tolerant Control of Nonlinear MEMS Optical Switch based on Second Order Sliding Mode Observer

M. Saif (Canada), B. Ebrahimi, and M. Vali (Iran)


Fault diagnosis, fault tolerant control, second order sliding, super-twisting, MEMS optical switch


The use of optical switch in telecommunication industry has become widespread due to its efficient advantages. In recent years, interests have emerged application of MEMS for optical switching operation. In this paper, robust fault diagnosis and fault tolerant control system for a nonlinear MEMS optical switch subject to uncertainties based on the second order sliding mode theory are presented. A second order sliding mode observer is proposed to generate the residual as an indicator of faults while filtering unwanted high frequencies due to unmodeled dynamics. More precisely, the fault is detected by the proposed nonlinear observer and the fault detection system generates and transmits an alarm signal to the designed control system. The fault tolerant control system designed based on the sliding mode control theory for both normal and anomalous system. Eventually, efficiency of the proposed method is illustrated through simulations.

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