Application of the Parametrical Regulation Theory for Reduction of the Effect of a Shadow Sector of Economy

A.A. Ashimov, B.T. Sultanov, Z.M. Adiolov, Y.V. Borovskiy, T.B. Merekeshev, and As.A. Ashimov (Kazakhstan)


Shadow economy, computable general equilibrium model, discrete dynamic system (semi-cascade), parametrical regulation, parametric identification.


The work presents some results of the parametrical regulation theory which consider peculiarities of CGE models. The method of parametrical identification of macroeconomic models with large quantity of evaluation parameters is proposed and tested. The application efficiency of the parametrical control theory for reduction of the effect of a shadow sector of economy is shown by example of one CGE model. Optimum values have been obtained for regulation of economic system development based on examined mathematical model on the level of 19 parameters.

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