Diving in Density: Controlling the Depth of a Profiling Float in Coastal Waters

E. Aro, M. Vainio, Z. Hu, and A. Halme (Finland)


UUV control, adaptive control, and profiling float control.


Controlling a profiling float as it dives in coastal waters is a challenging task, requiring efficient and accurate movements while in a constantly changing environment that the float can't sense remotely. With the algorithms presented in this paper, we are able to control a SWARM float's vertical position with an accuracy of ±1m safely, energy-efficiently and without prior knowledge of the specific conditions of the water in which it is deployed. The only instruments used are the on-board pressure and temperature sensors along with a downward-facing echosounder for sea-bottom avoidance. The algorithms have been verified using simulated floats in a realistically modelled Baltic Sea environment.

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