A Distributed Time-Slot Allocation Method in WiMedia UWB Wireless Personal Area Networks

K.S. Kim, S. Kim, K. Hur, D.-S. Eom, and Y. Lee (Korea)


WiMedia MAC, UWB, QoS provisioning, time slot allocation


Although the WiMedia UWB enables high-speed multimedia stream delivery in WPANs, a WiMedia MAC still does not have well-defined QoS mapping and resource allocation mechanisms to support multimedia streams with requested QoS parameters in a distributed manner. Thus, we propose a new QoS-aware distributed time slot allocation method for providing fair and adaptive QoS provisionings to isochronous streams according to current traffic loads and their requested QoS parameters, by virtue of executing only a proposed satisfaction of QoS algorithm at each device. From simulation results, it is shown that the proposed method improves the efficiency of time-slot utilization while it achieves fairness of QoS provisionings in a fully distributed manner.

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