An Adaptive Traffic-Aware Polling and Scheduling Algorithm for Bluetooth Piconets

C.-F. Hsu, C.-Y. Liu, and T.-H. Tang (Taiwan)


Piconet, intra-piconet scheduling


According to Bluetooth specification, a master node has to be involved in all packet exchange activities in its associated piconet. Consequently, how to determine the polling sequence and how to estimate service time for individual slave node are two critical intra-piconet missions to a master and usually categorized as the intra piconet polling and scheduling problem. Obviously, a good polling sequence can reduce average packet delay while accurate service time estimation would result in better throughput performance. Furthermore, the packet delay of intra-piconet transmission is mostly contributed by the inadequate behavior that the master node polls an idle slave since other non-idle slaves belonging to the same piconet have to wait for the completion of such POLL/NULL packet transmissions. In this paper, we proposed a traffic-aware algorithm to deal with the polling and scheduling issue within a piconet. The objective of our work is to lower average intra-piconet packet delay and to enhance the throughput performance. As expected, the simulation results verify that our work indeed designs an dynamic intra-piconet scheduling scheme with low delay and high throughput.

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