Delineating the Movement of Rainwater Driven Contaminate Caused by Oil Spillage Toward Groundwater

A.M. Qabazard (Kuwait)


Pollution reduction, groundwater, leaching, sorption, fiber optic technology, Laser Induced Fluorescence, gatch layer.


The study developed a method to reduce the impact of ground surface pollution on groundwater quality in northern Kuwait, by correlating the movement of detected pollution with leaching of contamination by rainwater and retardation by sorption processes in soils of the relevant areas. The pollution reduction method is to investigate and delineate the movement of pollution originating from oil spillage caused by retreating Iraqi forces during the Gulf war in section of water catchments areas of northern Kuwait that are immediately adjacent to oil polluted soil, partially overlapping oil polluted soil, or immediately adjacent to oil pits. The work is the first step in a remediation program of polluted groundwater and retardation of movement of pollutant from ground surface to groundwater. This work required large-scale monitoring of groundwater pollutant and, hence, the use of fiber optic based sensor technology represented by Laser Induced Fluorescence (LIF), spectrofluorometric techniques, along with conventional chemical analytical techniques were vital for the success of the study.

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