A Meso-ß Scale Description of Surface Wind Events in Mexico City during MILAGRO 2006 Campaign

A. Salcido, A.T. Celada, and T. Castro (Mexico)


Mexico City, wind circulation patterns, wind direction states, meso-β scale, air quality.


A meso-β scale description of surface wind circulation in Mexico City (MC) during MILAGRO 2006 campaign is presented. It is based on a simple model of wind direction states which allows a qualitative and quantitative discrete representation of the MC wind circulation events. In it, MC is divided in quadrants (NE, NW, SW, and SE) with the metropolitan Zócalo at the origin. For each quadrant, from the RAMA meteorological stations located inside it, an hourly mean wind direction is determined and expressed using the ordinary 8-levels scale (N, NE, E, SE, S, SW, W, NW). This way, each MC wind event can be mapped onto one wind direction state expressed by means of a 4-digits octal number. Within this framework, we calculated and discussed the densities of wind direction states under different conditions (e.g. for daylight and nocturnal hours) for the period of the MILAGRO 2006 campaign. The results allow a simple identification and description of the main features of the spatial structure of the MC wind velocity field.

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