Enhanced Model of One Axis-Two Positions Manual Tracking Photovoltaic Panels for Lighting Projects in Palestine

M.T. Hussein and S.N. Albarqouni (Palestine)


Solar Radiation, Optimum Tilt Angle, Orientation and One-Axis Two Position System


Recently, with the critical situation of siege on Gaza Strip, the need of alternative energy source instead of traditional energy sources becomes increasing day by day, especially Palestine is considered one of the sunny countries and receives good solar radiation over the year, in this study; the Optimum tilt angle is determined mathematically, which agrees with several studies. A new design idea of one axis two position manual tracking PV system was proposed here, and shows the enhancements on the optimum design. The research includes case study on the Lighting Gaza Valley Project, Re-Design and Re Evaluation for the Orientation and Tiling on the previous project.

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