Capacitive Proximity Sensor Position Feedback in Active Vibration Control of Lightly Damped Cantilevers

G. Takács and B. Rohal'-Ilkiv (Slovakia)


Vibration control, feedback model, capacitive sensor, piezoelectric, cantilever beam, linear quadratic


This paper investigates the use of capacitive proximity sensors as sources of contact-free feedback signal mea surement for active vibration attenuation applications. An experimental laboratory device is introduced, which consists of a clamped cantilever beam and actuated by bonded piezoelectric actuators. A measurement model is created and experimentally verified for the assessment of beam tip deflections, using a capacitive proximity sensor and a piezoelectric sensor patch. Damping performance is analyzed both in time and frequency domains for dif ferent feedback methods, and compared to a precise ref erence. According to the analysis presented in this paper, real-time feedback from capacitive sensors is potentially useful in active vibration attenuation and control applications.

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