Automation of Experimental Studies in Supersonic Wind Tunnels

G.M. Sobstel, V.V. Garkusha, V.V. Yakovlev, V.M. Gilyov, V.I. Zapryagaev, and A.S. Pevzner (Russia)


Control, Diagnostics, Automation, Modelling, Aerodynamic experiment


In the present paper, we describe an automation system developed to aid experimentalists in performing super sonic wind-tunnel tests. The system structure, formed by several self-contained subsystems, is optimized so that to facilitate task performance at all stages of aero physical research. The system, having either one- or two-level structure, is developed around multiprocessors. At the bottom level, the system allows real-time operation aimed at collect ing experimental data and controlling the experimental procedure, including the control of main parameters and experimental conditions. The experimental data gained are then transferred to the upper system level through intranet. At the upper level, the input of slow processes into the system, the logging of experimental data in a database, the data processing procedures, and the pres entation of final data to the end user are organized. Preliminary experimental data obtained with the system are reported.

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