On Axiomization of Eventology

O.Yu. Vorobyev (Russia)


Event, probability, eventology, Kolmogorov’s axiomatics, axiomatizing eventology, co-being.


Elements of eventologic axiomatics are offered. Eventol ogy [1], a new direction of probability theory and philoso phy, offers the original many-event-based approach to the description of many-agent being and co-being, entering hu man agents, together with his/her beliefs, directly in the frameworks of scientific research in the form of evento logic distribution of his/her own events. This allows us, by putting together probabilistic and many-event-based rep resentation of information and philosophical concept of event as co-being [2], to offer an axiomatizing eventology which expands Kolmogorov’s axiomatic of probability the ory [3] and axiomatizes an overlapping sciences mathemat ical eventolanguage for the description of many-agent be ing and co-being.

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