Eventological Models of Market Pricing for Different Structures Dependencies of Supply and Demand Events

E.E. Goldenok (Russia)


Set of events, structures of event dependencies, eventologic market agent, demand, supply, pricing.


Two eventological models of market behavior, which gen eralize the classical model of supply and demand in Eco nomics are given. Two new concepts are introduced: the interval of equilibrium prices and interval of equilibrium subsets of goods that can investigate the behavior of buyers and sellers. Within eventological approach specific func tional of dependence of market demand and supply from prices and subsets of goods, which are expressed by the Gibbsean eventological distribution for demand, and by the opposite Gibbsean eventological distribution for supply are proposed. Uniting of a new eventologic notion of event wide dependence [1], the principle of inclusion–exclusion, formulas of M¨obius inversing [2], and the eventologic mar ket model [3] allows to construct an original eventologic model of a generally accepted practice of price formation such that allowances/discounts. These new market models allow to control and diagnostic market supply and demand.

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