Network Processing of Vibroseismic Data using the WOS Filters

A.P. Grigoruk and V.I. Znak (Russia)


Web technologies, signal processing, WOS filters


An important task of geophysical research is improving the quality of noisy data which is recorded in field conditions. The above task is usually solved by the method of data accumulation in repeated experiments. But, field conditions essentially restrict the possibility of signal processing since each experiment demands, on the one hand, the expenditure of energy, and, on the other hand, attracting a significant computational power. Therefore, remote processing of such data with a convenient processing technology is of interest. We consider the Web technology that allows the remote processing of vibroseismic data. At the same time, the basis of the method used for improving the quality of noisy discrete periodic signals is the weighted order statistics (WOS) filtering. Such a technology allows us to avoid data accumulation in field conditions or to restrict the number of experiments.

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