An Aperture Synthesis Software Model for Sonars and its Probation with Test and Real Signals

O.Yu. Dashevskii and E.S. Nejevenko (Russia)


Signal processing, hydroacoustic, aperture synthesis, software modeling


A modification of ETAM, well-known aperture synthesis algorithm, is suggested which is able to process hydroa coustic wide-band signals. A SynApp program is devel oped for studying the algorithms of processing data ob tained by arrays with a synthesized aperture in passive sonar devices. Various synthesis algorithms are com pared, and the best one is chosen on the basis of partic ular criteria. Inspection of program operation with sig nals obtained by a real array demonstrates the efficiency of synthesis with the use of the ETAM algorithm and its modification. Application of synthesis in passive sonar devices is proved to reduce the array aperture without de terioration of the bearing quality.

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