Arabic Language Letters Contour Compression

A.A. Ukasha (Libya)


Polygonal approximation, Ramer, Tangent and Triangle methods


This paper presented and developed a new algorithm of the Trapezoid method for Arabic letters contour approximation. The proposed algorithm is compared with the existing methods such as Ramer (good quality), Tangent (faster) and Triangle (much faster) methods in this work; which are briefly described. Cartesian co ordinates of an input contour are processed in such a manner that finally contours is presented by a set of selected vertices of the edge of the contour. In the paper the main idea of the analyzed procedure for contour compression is performed. For comparison, the mean square error and signal-to-noise ratio criterions are used. Computational time of analyzed method is estimated depending on a number of numerical operations. Experimental results are obtained both in terms of image quality, compression ratios, and speed. The main advantages of the analyzed algorithm are simplicity and small numbers of the arithmetic operations compared to the existing algorithms.

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