A Novel Flow based Approach in Routing Decision Mechanism

M. Kalendar, A. Tentov, D. Jakimovska, and G. Dokoski (Macedonia)


Gigabit routers, flow id, routing command protocol, communication networks


Major performance bottleneck in today’s gigabit routers is the process of redirecting the incoming packets to the next hop. When a packet arrives, it passes the routing process in order to be forwarded onwards. Thus, improving IP routing process is very important. In this paper we propose a novel flow based approach within IP routing process, where minor intervention in IPv4 and IPv6 packet header format, and it’s processing into routers would be introduced. The paper suggests introducing FlowID label inside each packet; exchanging flow tables among neighboring routers; and controlling next router-next hop packet forwarding according to information kept by the current router, and inserted into the packet itself. To facilitate such behavior, a kind of command protocol between neighboring routers must be implemented. Regarding current Internet versatile data types (traditional, voice, video), where packets from different flows need to be handled differently, so as to achieve fair queuing, traffic shaping, or Quality of Service (QoS), our proposed approach would result in much faster processing and classification times, since the Flow ID is already maintained inside the packet. Consequently, the proposed flow based modified routing mechanism is expected to achieve performance improvement within routing decision process.

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