Multi-Gigabit Challenges: Similarities between Scientific Environments and Media Production

E. Siemens, R. Einhorn, A. Aust, and L. Fuerst (Germany)


Bulk Data Ttransfer, Wide Area Networks, WAN Acceleration Technology


In this paper the authors describe the benefits of the exploitation of novel and comprehensive end-to-end solutions for fast and reliable data transmission over wide area networks. Therefore, similarities of usage scenarios in media production and in scientific environments are emphasized. A brief motivation of the emergence of a comprehensive fast data transport solution called TIXstream is given. Hereby, the authors lay the focus on the overall system performance instead of considering a mere description of transport layer issues. Performance-critical functional blocks are identified and their impact on the overall performance is discussed. Performance results of the TIXstream solution, FTP- and Grid-FTP applications are compared.

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