Suppression of Patterning Effects in Digital Communications by an Adaptive Constrained Coding

A. Skidin, M. Fedoruk, A. Redyuk, O. Shtyrina (Russia), A. Shafarenko, and S.K. Turitsyn (UK)


patterning effects, signal processing, weakly-constrained codes, communication networks, coding theory


We quantify the error statistics and patterning effects in a 5x 40 Gbit/s WDM RZ-DBPSK SMF/DCF fibre link using hy brid Raman/EDFA amplification. We propose an adaptive constrained coding for the suppression of errors due to pat terning effects. It is established, that this coding technique can greatly reduce the bit error rate (BER) value even for large BER (BER > 10−1 ). The proposed approach can be used in the combination with the forward error correction schemes (FEC) to correct the errors even when real channel BER is outside the FEC workspace.

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