The Performance of Specialized Data Warehouses Increasing

B. Kseniya (Russia)


Database technology, data warehouse, view materialization, evolution, and performance


A data warehouse (DW) is widely used in business analysis and decision making processes now. There are many research works for data warehouse design and evolution problems. However the performance of current DWs doesn’t correspond to the user requirements. View materialization is an effective method to increase query efficiency in a data warehouse. Materialized views are physical structures that improve data access time by precomputing intermediary results. Therefore, user queries can be efficiently processed through data stored in views and do not need to access the original data. In this paper, the algorithm of view selection for materializing in specialized DW on basis of the data domain information is presented. The purpose of the proposed algorithm is to minimize the materialization cost by selecting an optimal set of materialized views constrained by actual space from candidate view subsets. The candidate view subsets are formed from set of calculated strategies ordered by decrease of relevance. The main advantage of our approach is to support the administrator by the proactive method of materialized view selection in specialized DW to be developing the starting DW model and its updating in the evolution process.

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