Diffractive Polypropylene Lenses for Terahertz Radiation

V.M. Vedernikov, P.M. Dutov, A.I. Kokarev, B.A. Knyazev, I.G. Palchikova, M.F. Stupak, and Yu.V. Chugui (Russia)


Terahertz radiation, diffractive optical elements, diffractive lens, hot-pressing technology, polypropylene.


The development of the vacuum hot-pressing technology for creating the terahertz band diffractive optical elements (DOE) with low fabrication costs is the goal of this project. Technology for creating transparent diffractive lenses (DL) with high diffractive efficiency for Free Electron Laser (FEL) radiation, developed in TDI SIE SB RAS in 2008, is based on using sheet polypropylene State Standard Specification (SSS) 21996-86 and specialized bimetallic nickel-steel plates for stamping DOE with hot-pressing method. The set of DL is developed. The set includes DL for fixed wavelengths from 120 – 235 micrometer band and high quality short-focus DL, external zone size of which is comparable with terahertz wavelength. Optical characteristics of the DL are explored. The assembly average value of diffractive efficiency is equal to 89%. The assembly average value of the point spread function width is 6% wider than the diffraction limit for DL from the set.

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