Application of Learning-by-Doing Paradigm of Education in Computer Game Technology Courses

A. Uskov (USA)


Learning-by-doing, computer game technology, courseware, learning content, student feedback.


The Department of Computer Science and Information Systems (CS/IS Department), College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS), Bradley University, Peoria, Il, U.S.A. developed multiple innovative academic programs in Computer Game Technology (CGT) area. The central courses of those programs are 1) CIS 452/552 course on Computer Game Modification, and 2) CIS 456/556 course on Game Engine Programming. Based on obtained and described below a) student feedback, b) outcomes of homework assignments, lab assignments, course project and final exam assignments, and c) student academic performance, the learning-by-doing paradigm of education proved to be highly effective in Computer Game Technology curriculum.

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