Hybrid Virtual Reality Integrated Manufacturing Cell for Education and Training

L.A. Ruvalcaba, C. Vázquez, and A. Rojo (Mexico)


Virtual IMC training.


The aim of this work is to present a novel, low cost, reliable methodology to create and control an interactive Virtual Reality model of an Integrated Manufacturing Cell (IMC) for education and training. The presented approach is built upon open software and open hardware. Users can create computer graphics using CAD/CAM tools and they can interact with the Virtual Reality IMC scene using head mounted displays and haptic devices. Furthermore, the whole system can be controlled using real, non-expensive devices such as Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) and devices to communicate to the computer. The proposed virtual reality IMC can be used to enhance undergraduate courses of Manufacture, Industrial Networks as well as creating training systems for industrial environments so users can understand how machines and robots work and interact within an IMC. In addition this project can be used on public schools for the undeveloped countries, where only a computer and a low cost PLC are needed.

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