Educational Content Push to Mobile Phone using Bluetooth in a Museum

J.-P. Gerval, Y. Le Ru, and C. Armandary (France)


Cell Phone, Mobile Phone, Bluetooth, Museum, Educational Content, Java, OBEX, J2ME


This paper sets out a software development targeting visitors in a museum. The main idea of the project is to implement a low cost system that would provide visitors with educational content about paintings. This was achieved by means of a system that pushes an educational content (images, audio and texts) to mobile phone clients when they are in communication range of a Bluetooth transmitter. On the server side, the software has been developed using the BlueCove library which is a Java library for Bluetooth. The OBEX (OBject EXchange) protocol was chosen for data transfer. On the client side, the application has been developed with Java 2 Mobile Edition.

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