"Ee-Class" - Interactive Lecture Support System using the Wii Remote

M. Sugimoto, K. Kiyota, and N. Ezaki (Japan)


Online Character Recognition, Acceleration Sensor, Wii Remote, e-Learning and Education Technology


In recent years, lectures using electronic devices have been tried in various educational institutions. Using these electronic devices is effective as a means of active participation in lectures for students. The Wii remote is one of these devices. In this paper, we propose the “Ee class,” an interactive lecture support system which uses the Wii Remote. One feature of this system is that students can write in the air using Wii - remotes instead of a blackboard. Implemented functions are as follows: (1) Automatic attendance confirmation, (2) Additional writing on electronic blackboard using an electronic pen device, (3) Automatic counting of a show of hands, (4) Voting opinions, and (5) Writing letter in the air. From the experimental result for 1077 Japanese characters using this handwriting function, we confirmed that the recognition accuracy was 78.5% for the first test and for the 15th was 98.8%.

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