Robotics Education Labs - EDULAB

A. Hansen, F. Hees, S. Jeschke, and O. Pfeiffer (Germany)


Robotics, rescue scenario, technology education


As one of the largest technology-orientated universities in Germany, RWTH Aachen University possesses a broad MINT (MINT - German acronym for Mathematics, Engi neering, Natural Sciences and Technology) profile en compassing almost every area of mathematics, computer sciences, natural sciences and technology disciplines. One of the main goals of the MINT agenda of RWTH Aachen University is to enthuse high school students for MINT subjects through a targeted recruitment strategy during the transitional phase from school to university. Focusing on the field of robotics, EDULAB supports this strategy by introducing high school students to the MINT subjects and getting different facets of the technological disci plines across to them. To this end, rescue-scenarios are especially suited as topics from engineering, medicine, mechanics, biology, information-technology and mathe matics are integrated per construction. Robotics is a holis tic field of research, encompassing and addressing all MINT subjects. Additionally, socio-scientific perspectives of the MINT subjects are integrated into the EDULAB master plan.

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