AIBO Simulation System for Learning and Education

E. Ortiz, C. Vázquez, E. Encastin, A. Rodríguez, K. Bivieca, and A. Rojo (Mexico)


AIBO Robot Simulation, Robot Kinematics.


This paper introduces a novel proposal for the virtual simulation of an AIBO robot and its application for learning and education. The main contribution of this paper is a simulator that can be programmed in native URBI language. Using only open source libraries we build a system that is able to fully simulate the behavior of a real AIBO robot as it reacts to real URBI commands. Students are benefited by having a system to train with, despite the real AIBO robot availability, they can develop applications faster since no delays due to hard ware interaction are present (e.g, take the memory out, turn on/off the robot, etc.). Teachers are as well benefited since this system can be used in the classroom. This paper also shows the complete procedure to obtain the forward kinematics of the AIBO Robot by using Denavit-Hartenberg parameters method.

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