Software DAB Transmitter on Live CD

P. Charest and F. Lefebvre (Canada)


Broadcast transmission, DAB, GNU Radio, live CD, SDR, USRP


Developing innovative applications in the field of broad casting can be challenging for several reasons. An increased democratization of broadcasting transmission equipment is highly desirable to foster the development of new services. This paper presents the system integration of a full real-time Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) transmission chain that runs from a single live CD. A particular effort was done to reuse and combine the key building blocks re quired to build this system. First, system components needed to build the DAB transmission system are identified. On one hand, a generic PC, the Universal Software Radio Peripheral (USRP) and a generic G.703 network device are selected as the base hard ware. On the other hand, GNU Radio and other software modules are used. Second, the integration method based on open source software is described. A customization tool is used to adapt a Ubuntu installable live CD. The resulting disk image was tested on different plat forms including desktops, laptops and virtual machines. The system worked on every tested platform that could also run the original base Ubuntu live CD. Joint use of the live CD, a USB key and a laptop proved to be a very convenient way to build portable and easy to use demonstration of the DAB technology.

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