Improving Indoor Capacity for WiMAX Networks using Multi-Hop Relays

K. AlSobhi, B. Sharif, K. Ntagkounakis, and R. Carrasco (UK)


cellular environment, WiMAX deployment, fixed relay system, system level simulation, SINR.


Despite the fact that advanced techniques such as adaptive modulation and coding (AMC), AAS and MIMO are in corporated into WiMAX systems, providing network ac cess at indoor locations posses some challenges in terms of meeting the main objectives of performance, time-to market and cost optimization. Indoor propagation condi tions (i.e. higher path loss, penetration loss) make it diffi cult to rely on the conventional WiMAX infrastructure typ ically designed to provide high coverage and range only. In this paper, a low-cost and easy to deploy relay based WiMAX system coupled with channel allocation method ology is proposed as a means of coverage and capacity im provement for an indoor subscriber. An extensive system level simulation (channel models, path loss, shadow fading, antenna pattern, etc.) has been carried out. The distribution of SINR, system outage and system capacity performance metrics are used to evaluate the performance. The results show that for indoor coverage, conventional WiMAX sys tem deployment failed to meet the required outage proba bility of 10% for BER of 1x10−6 ; while for the same cov erage area the proposed system improved the coverage and capacity.

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