Uplink Capacity Coverage Product in CDMA Mobile Networks

M.A. Elalem and A.S. Akki (Libya)




The global approaches tend toward the third and fourth generation mobile networks which provide multi services (voice, data, video, web browsing… etc) with high and variable bit rates. In order to ensure the promise of anytime-anywhere communication to the customers, Mobile operators must be able to support large number of users over a large coverage area. So Coverage and Capacity are important issues in the planning process for 3G mobile networks. In Wideband Code Division Multiple Access (WCDMA), the Coverage and capacity are not independent as in GSM system; it is interference-limited system, meaning that if the traffic increases, the serving cell radius decreases, hence the phenomena of cell breathing occurs[1]. This paper studies the capacity and coverage of a macrocell CDMA network. A new parameter to link Capacity and Coverage is developed. It is named Capacity-Coverage Product; CCP. Different designations of CCP formula are given. Maximum CCP formula is derived as a function of various system parameters. The influencing of various system parameters on this CCP is studied. Knowing this CCP, the network could be directly evaluated for analysis and the capacity-coverage planning becomes easier to estimate. CCP is introduced as a analogy of Bandwidth-Distance Product used in fiber optic systems.

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