A Network based Approach to Secure Communication in Mobile IP Networks

H. Omar, H. Chamas (USA), and K. Shuaib (UAE)


Mobile communication, security, VPN, and Mobile IP


Modern ubiquitous mobile networks are expected to support multiple applications with different requirements including security. The Mobile IP protocol enables a mobile device to change its point of attachment to the network without disrupting active communication sessions. IPSec is a widely accepted set of standards intended to secure IP based communications. In this paper, we propose a model that supports secure communication using a scalable and flexible approach. Through this approach, a service provider is capable of supporting secure communication while maximizing the use of existing infrastructure and resource sharing techniques. Utilizing logical separation, different levels of control over configurable parameters can be offered to the customers. Mobility related performance aspects, such as traffic forwarding interruption during handoff events, are addressed to accommodate seamless secure communication.

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