Large Scale Distribution of Popular Internet User Generated Content to Mobile Devices

F. Lefebvre and J.-M. Bouffard (Canada)


Broadcasting, User generated content, Internet, Mobile, Multimedia.


This paper presents a new service paradigm for the trans mission of popular user generated content from the Internet over mobile multimedia broadcasting networks. The pro posed service can reach simultaneously very large mobile audiences efficiently. An automatized process was integrated to produce a half hour video ”show” that presents 30 seconds of the most popular YouTube clips as a continuous service on a DAB/DMB network. The implementation methodology shows how a demonstration platform was build with rela tively low efforts by using already existing free software components. The service prototype was successfully tested on various commercial digital broadcasting receivers. This work provides some initial empirical knowledge about a new service concept that reverses the traditional broadcasting model and shows that all technological ele ments are in place today for its realization.

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