A Middleware Approach for Industrial Wireless Automation Networks

A. Buda, V. Schuermann, and J.F. Wollert (Germany)


Industrial Automation, Distributed Control Systems, Convergence Middleware, Wireless Networks, WSAN


Many fields of the industrial automation can be already served by wireless technologies. Due to the different re quirements regarding the reliability, latency, number of nodes, node density and range to communication systems there is no uniform standard for wireless communication covering all domains of automation. It is to be expected in the future on a strongly increasing number of radio tech nologies and protocol stacks on different platforms and operating systems. Similarly it behaves within the classi cal wired field of the industrial automation. The number of Fieldbus standards for the different areas of applica tions is in the meantime only difficult to overlook. Uni form integration interfaces neither exist on the side of the radio technologies nor on that of classical control sys tems. This means direct additional complexity both for developers of wireless solutions and operators of indus trial plants. This problem addresses the contribution and argues with the integration of wireless technologies into decentralized control systems. For relaying between both systems the architecture and the structure of a Conver gence Middleware are presented, which abstracts the technology-specific details and makes a uniform integra tion interface available for wireless industrial communica tion systems.

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