Reconfiguring Queues for QOS Improvement in 802.11 Networks

G. Singh, A.P.S. Atwal, R.S. Uppal, A. Goel, and B.S. Sohi (India)


QOS, 802.11, DCF, EDCF, UDP, TCP


This paper studies and compares the quality of service mechanisms based on dynamic reconfiguring of queues for providing service differentiation in IEEE 802.11 wireless networks. Various schemes like 802.11 Distributed coordinator Function (DCF), 802.11e Enhanced Distributed coordinator Function (EDCF) with existing queues and 802.11e EDCF with the reconfigured queues have been evaluated. Evaluation has been done based on important (Quality of service) QOS parameters like access delay, jitter, packet loss, round trip time (RTT) and throughput of the traffic. The results indicate that there is considerable QOS improvement using 802.11e EDCF with reconfigured queues over the ordinary DCF mechanism. All the three schemes have been evaluated on experimental testbed using various types of UDP and TCP traffic

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