An Efficient Handoff Call Handling and Queuing Scheme using Location Information

A.N. Khan, X. Sha, and X. Zhang (PRC)


Handoff, QoS, blocking probability, dropping probability, channel utilization, network capacity.


Handoff (HO) call handling under heterogeneous traffic conditions is a critical issue for cellular networks. Strict Quality of Service (QoS) and efficient resource utilization demand tighter control over HO call dropping probability which can be achieved by queuing HO requests. In this study, we have presented a HO call handling scheme that incorporates mobility information to assign a Handoff Urgency (UHO) parameter to prioritize HO requests by taking into account Received Signal Strength (RSS), speed and call type of users. Proposed Handoff Urgency Based (HUB) queuing scheme is tested against Non priority (NPS) and First-In-First-Out (FIFO) queuing schemes. Simulation results reveal that HUB achieves steady state earlier, has a much lower HO call dropping probability under heterogeneous traffic conditions, can detect false HO requests to increase network capacity and has a better resource utilization performance.

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