Performance Analysis of a Realistic Discrete Adaptive MQAM

T. Kim and Y. Han (Korea)


Adaptive Modulation, MQAM, Queueing


There are many performance analysis models about adap tive transmission systems especially MQAM system. How ever, most studies about performance analysis assume ideal system which has always sufficient data to be transmitted in buffer. It is not valid in real system which even has limited buffer. However, there are few general performance analy sis models reflecting it. Thus, we introduce new queueing model which is suitable for and has not been used in wire less communications. However, there have been no results which deal, in a unified way, with completely analytic and computational aspects of the queueing model. In this paper, we provide the way which provides various performance measures in real system. In addition, based on the compu tation of the queueing model, we propose new performance analysis model for discrete adaptive MQAM system. It has so simple procedure to be applicable. Finally, we provide numerical results according to variation of system parame ters.

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