A Novel Cooperative Communications Protocol using IBPDA for Wireless Relay Networks

H.Y. Kong, G.S. Kim, and V.N.Q. Bao (Korea)


DFP, IBPDA, Rayleigh fading, AWGN


This paper proposes a new decode-and-forward protocol (DFP) based on the conventional DFP and the iterative belief-propagation decoding algorithm (IBPDA) for wireless relay networks. Due to only forwarding the reliability of the received symbols to the destination without re-encoding the decoded message, the processing time at the relay is considerably reduced but the BER performance degradation is negligible. In addition, the suggested protocol can achieve both diversity gain and coding gain as the relay is located at the appropriate positions. This is confirmed by the computer simulations under the fast Rayleigh-fading channel plus AWGN (Additive White Gaussian Noise).

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