Multicast Routing and Wavelength Assignment for Interactive Real-Time Media Delivery in Sparse-Splitting Optical Networks

J.-W. Park and J.W. Kim (Korea)


Hierarchical approach, end-to-end delay, inter-destination delay variation, and signal quality.


As the high-bandwidth pipes based on WDM (wavelength division multiplexing) networks are offered, many applications such as interactive real-time multicasting in large-scale science communities are emerging. In this paper, we study the problems of optical multicast routing and wavelength assignment under sparse-splitting optical network for interactive real-time media delivery. Unfortunately constrained multicast routing and optimal wavelength assignment problems lead to NP-hard. Therefore, we first propose a virtual node based multicast routing algorithm that satisfies requirements of interactive real-time multicasting as well as optical network constraints. Then, the wavelength assignment algorithm on the constructed multicast tree is presented. The experiment results show that the proposed algorithms have good performance in terms of 1) the maximum inter destination delay variation, 2) the signal quality, and 3) the number of wavelength conversions.

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